In conjunction with SPOR 2007, artists and composers from all musical environments were invited to contribute digital audiovisual works to the independent festival event Infinite Composing.
Infinite Composing focuses on the issue of the listener as producer, or more specifically: how the listener’s participating appropriation of certain kinds of digital sound and music can be useful when coming upon newly composed music. We therefore call on all interested to contribute works that contain open, interactive and possibly “infinite” elements, set into perspective conventional practices of creating and performing music and provide ideas on how to challenge the traditional division of functions as composer, performer and listener. Furthermore, we call on artists and composers from all environments to challenge their own ways of creating music, keeping the same objectives in mind.

24 artists from all over the world competed - Italy, Brasil, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Germany, Denmark a.o were represented. The artists were: Hans Knudsen, Andreas Busk-Jepsen, Jakob Riis, Konrad Korabiewski, Peter McIlwain, Jin Hi Kim, Nigel Brookes, Morten Riis, Jacob Løhde, Petronio Bendito & Didier Guigue, Rune Thorsteinsson, Alexandre Decoupigny, NACHBerlin, Michael Barkl, Andrea Vigani, Niels Winther, Jason Freeman, Lansing D. McLoskey, Christopher Bailey, Jakob Brandt-Pedersen, Michiko Kawagoe, Shintaro Miyazaka and Panayiotis Kokoras.
The contributions will be uploaded on the site in the nearest future.

Throughout the festival period contributions to Infinite Composing were displayed in Ridehuset, Århus (Denmark) on computers with headsets.

Preceding the festival, a jury of internationally acknowledged professionals and artists (Atau Tanaka, Natasha Barrett, Andreas Brøgger and Morten Søndergaard) had each select one contribution and argued why they find the selected one particularly interesting.

The following pieces were selected: Jason Freemans GRAPH THEORY, Christopher Baileys SAND, Hans Knudsens CIGARETTE MAN, og Niels Winthers FUTURISTISK MANDALA.

Read the judgment of the jury here

On the last day of the festival the favourite piece of work of the audience was presented and given a special reward. Morten Riis' SIC was choosen as winner.

For further information on Infinite Composing please contact the coordinator of the event Marie Büchert at

>Download the competion invitation as pdf

The computers used to present the works during the festival were lend by Humac, Aarhus

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