SPOR festival is looking for someone to curate SPOR 2009. If you want to take part in the competition to work as curator please send your programme suggestions to us before the 1st August 2007.

The proposal should include a program that is detailed enough for the main curational ideas to be clear. It could also include ideas concerning performing artists and/or ensembles. SPOR would like to see local as well as international artists and participants included to the extent that is (practically) possible. The proposal must also deal with the financing of the festival and must contain an estimated budget, which must not exceed 900.000 kr. (about 120.900 €). The amount should cover the entire festival budget, including the administration fee and marketing costs, which amount to 250.000 kr. (about 33.500 €)

Once the proposal has been approved the curator will be required to enter into a working partnership with the SPOR festival's administration. SPOR will undertake the realization of the festival but changes to the program, which might be required for one reason or another, will take place in collaboration with the curator.
In the case of especially demanding festival proposals the curator or curators will possibly be required to assist in the realization of the festival. One should be prepared for the fact that program changes can take place on the grounds of practical and/or economical circumstances. It will be up to the selected curator, in consultation with the festival direction, whether or not the festival should have a single physical locality or take place at various locations within Århus. Other creative questions, for example concerning venues and performing artists, will be open to discussion during the course of the collaboration.  The festival takes place during the month of May, usually over a period of 4 days (from Thursday to Sunday).

The winning proposal will be awarded DKr. 10.000. (about 1.350 €)

About SPOR - profile:
SPOR would like to thematize, actualize and promote the arts.
SPOR is a festival that creates a platform for stronger connections to the international sound-art and music scenes and therefore fruitful exchange that can inspire artists and further develop Danish contemporary music. SPOR's mission is to present national and international sound-art and contemporary music of high quality to a Danish and international public. The festival should at the same time engage and stimulate debate by dealing with themes and issues that are crucial to our time.
The festival will be anchored in contemporary music and sound art, but can also include music from other historical periods or other forms of artistic expression should they be relevant to the chosen theme or issue.
SPOR places importance on the fact that educational-programs are developed in connection with each festival with the curator's proposal as a point of departure  .

SPOR 2009 will take place in the beginning of May.

Curator suggestions to be sent to:

SPOR festivalen
Shetlandsgade 3, 4.
DK- 2300 Kbh. S

OR by email: info@spor-festival.dk

The board will choose the winning entry in the summer and the winner will be notified in September.

Spor 2007 - festival