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Session S_S_S
Performance at: Saturday May 12th, 21:30
Artist: Sensors_Sonics_Sights
Session S_S_S
A work for theremin, sensors, video
Sensors_Sonics_Sights is performing visual music with sensors andgestures. They create a work of sound and sight, a laptop performance that goesbeyond with the intensity of bodies in movement. Going beyond media: music that is more than a soundtrack, images going further than video wallpaper. A three-wayconversation modulating sonic and luminous pulse and flow.
The group brings together three artists renowned in their own right:

Cecile Babiole is a visual artist who has been awarded prizes at festivals such as Imagina and Transmediale for her work incomputer graphics and public space installations, televisionbroadcasts on Canal+, and releases on VinylVideo,

Laurent Dailleau is the sole French virtuoso of the Theremin,active on the international scenes of electroacoustic andimprovised  music in festivals like Musique Action, with releases on Sonoris, 33revpermi, 23five.

Atau Tanaka, the japanese-american artist, is innovator in music technology, his work being presented in arts centers such as ZKM,Ars Electronica, and ICC, and released on  Caipirinha, Bip-hop,Touch/Ash, Sirr-ecords, Subrosa.
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