Taking place at Ridehuset, SPOR festival 2007 invites you to an experiment that will try to revolutionize concert-going and the whole term „music“. And we would like to do the same to musical life too.  Curated by Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen SPOR 2007 has produced a festival that will turn ideas of music and how it is experienced completely on their heads. Ridehuset will be transformed into a large lounge with listening stations, a computer bar and through the day challenging and beguiling concerts. They will form an honest attempt to engage with a present day whose musical life is, to an extraordinary degree, typified by both habit and habitual thinking and moneyed interests.

For this reason the festival will start with Benedict Mason’s concert installation 2nd Music for a European Concert Hall. The title should be taken quite literally; the piece was written for a concert hall „that should be played on by an orchestra“ How? By having the musicians move around the space, by distance within the space becoming an important parameter, by movement of sound playing a decisive role. Amongst his contemporaries Mason is a renewer within the field of instrumental music. His publication „outside sight unseen and opened“ is a book formed as a compendium of ideas about  the potential of sound and music within an artwork. They are ideas to complete, ideas to imagine or to work with – enough to keep a large number of composers going for many years.
The framework around a classical concert is museum-like by nature but the content can range from the experimental to the revolutionary. At SPOR 2007 we will try to create events that challenge the terms of a classical concert in content and its framing. What happens when the  composer himself goes on stage and blurs the distinction between musician and writer? What happens when musicians appropriate the space assigned to the audience as part of the work itself? How is one an audience in relation to the genre-clone sound installation? Are DJ’s creative artists in their own right?

The artists taking part are amongst the top international representatives of their fields Christian Marclay (USA), Zeena Parkins (USA), Ikue Mori (USA) Natasha Barrett (No), Benedict Mason (UK), Dalila Khatir (F), Laurent Dailleau (F), Cecile Babiole (F),  Kaj Aune (No), djTRIO (USA), Atau Tanaka (Ja), Ivo Nilsson (S), SENSORS_SONICS_SIGHTS (F og Ja), Frank Ollu (F), erikm (F) og Jennifer Walshe (Ir).  Denmark is represented by Jacob Anderskov, Bjørn Svin, Juliana Hodkinson, Maria-Laurette Friis, Jonas Olesen, Jakob Riis, Henriette Groth, Braad Owe, The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, Ensemble 2000 and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.
Ridehuset will play its own part in the festival with specially designed scenography designed by the artist group van Gogh, itself made up of people who work across the disciplines of film, design, interactive media and literature.

Welcome to SPOR 2007!

> Juliana Hodkinson

Spor 2007 - festival