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17:30 in Ridehuset

Opening SPOR 2007

Welcoming with presentation of the computerworks from Infinite Composing
Curators SPOR07: Anna Berit Asp Christensen & Anne Marqvardsen

17:30 in and outside Ridehuset

Installations and computer works

Rain Forrest Cycle, sound installation
Crumple Zone, audio/visual installation
Computer works from Call-for-works: Infinite Composing
Artists: all over, Cecile Babiole , Natasha Barrett

19:30 in Ridehuset

Opening concert

Lighthouses of England and Wales, orchestra piece
Second Music for a European Concert Hall, concert installation
Orchestra: Aarhus Symfoniorkester
Conducter: Frank Ollu
Composer: Benedict Mason

21:30 in Ridehuset

DJ concert

performance explores the creative and experimental side of turntable performance - sound collage and sample-art turntablism

Artists: djTRIO, erikm, Christian Marclay, Jonas Olesen, Bjørn Svin
> Atau Tanaka

booking tickets: info@spor-festival.dk