SPOR festival is a festival for contemporary music and sound art in Aarhus, Denmark. Just like its counterpart Numus, until it closed in 2002, SPOR is a festival that attempts to break free of commercialism and habitual thinking. We have chosen the name SPOR (in English ”track”) because the word speaks of who we are: each festival has its own artistic track, it changes track every year and we want to open sound tracks in the mind. SPOR has the task of opening insight into contemporary music and sound art from both an international and a national perspective. Numus worked to this end for 25 years until its leading light Karl Aage Rasmussen passed the baton onto a new generation. We, this next generation, will try to create an uncompromising festival that shows sides of modern music that are vibrant, visionary and full of power. 
SPOR lets one single curator or a co-opeative of curators form the programme to avoid ”committee solutions” with its Board of Governors. The curator(s) has the task of ensuring that the festival is an expression of one strong artistic vision and is only responsible for the festival for one year. The following years curator is found through a competition and in consultation with the board. This ensures that each year the festival changes tracks and keeps away from the habitual thinking it is trying to avoid. You can read about and join the competion here at the website.

Behind SPOR stands a the Board, made up of active composers and musicians from the Aarhus music scene: Lasse Laursen, composer and teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus//Jens Voigt Lund, composer (vice chair)//Anna Berit Asp Christensen (festival director)//Anne Marqvardsen (festival director)

The work of the board is closely followed by the advisoryboard made up of the following:
Leif Balthzersen, Managing Director of Aarhus Symphony Orchestra//Mimi Lund Organiser, Musikhuset Aarhus//Lene Juul Sørensen The Jutland Opera//Niels-Ole Bo Johansen Professor, at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus//Erik Kaltoft, Leader of Aarhus Sinfonietta

SPOR festival is looking for someone to curate SPOR 2009. If you want to take part in the competition to work as curator please send your programme suggestions to us before the 1st August 2007

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Do you want be curator of SPOR 2009?

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Artists and composers from all musical environments are invited to contribute digital audiovisual works to
Infinite Composing

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